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  • Paintings

    The art to paint for me, is the art to love. Without love cannot exist any sublime feelings that are those that finally can configure the master piece of which every painter dreams.

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  • sculptures

    In the sculptures, the volumes in the space are important, but it is also important to use the space as a mass.

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  • Drawings

    I consider the drawing  as essential for a painter. The drawing has got its own independence in the art. The drawing for itself is an art, like it is the sculpture or the poetry.

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  • Museum at open air

    Instalations in the nasrid gardens at the cathedral of Málaga and the garden of San Ramón Nonato.

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A Whole Process

All my writings, thoughts or reflections on art in general and on painting in particular do not stem from the knowledge acquired during my studies and readings on art, and I do not want them to, but I want them to stem from my experience in my daily work in my studio… the doubts… sometimes the helplessness…, the philosophical concept of the painting… which on some occasions leads you to theology…, the mental effort to internalize what you are going to carry out.

This process, until the work is finished, is a long journey… canvas, paintbrushes, paint tubes, acquired knowledge, problems that may arise, their solution, always in order to find the truth in art… This is the reason why I write and bring out to light, through these “reflections”, these thoughts and concepts that always accompany me in my work as an artist.

Further Thoughts and Reflections of the author