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About my Writings

Many times I have the desire, which sometimes becomes a necessity, to write what I would define as private thoughts about art, or simply digressions on painting, or about the state of mind of the painter during the process of creation of his work.

These writings are often very intimate because most of the times they are confrontations of the painter before himself about creation, about his limitations within the unlimited space where he moves either as a protagonist or as an extra character and on occasions, only as spectator.

But I like sharing some of such private moments the artist enjoys or suffers in the process of creation with the “lookers” of my paintings.

I do not intend here, in no way, to explain my painting nor the process of creation of my works; I only want to be another one spectator of the works which, though they come from my brushes, are no longer mine and have their own life, so they can therefore in full freedom show themselves and let be interpreted.

Jorge Rando, Hamburg, July 2004